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Why the Next Level…

Once upon a time Dr. A came into the office and realized his schedule for the afternoon was filled with 16 year olds!  He thought to himself “I can’t believe little Johnny who I met when he was 1 is now 16…gosh I’m old!” then he thought “My teens need a higher level of care…I don’t want them going somewhere else…I want them to stay in my family, but my family needs to change to help satisfy their needs” and “The Next Level” of Little Britches was born!

The Next Level offers dentistry to our 14 year olds and up.  We offer adult dentistry the Little Britches way, with love, education and the strongest dedication to protecting and creating health for all of our patients.

Did you know that your teen’s oral health affects them physically as well as psychologically?

It can influence how they grow, look, speak, chew, taste food, socialize and enjoy life! Problems in their oral health (cavities and gum disease) detract from their quality of life by causing pain, discomfort, acute and chronic infections, eating and sleeping disturbances as well as increased risk of hospitalization and a diminished ability to learn.

Imagine a world where there are no toothaches, no gum disease or traumatizing dental experiences.  Imagine a world in which you grow with your dentist and can expect to receive the very best oral healthcare, no matter what your age.  This is our goal at Little Britches, The Next Level and Radiance Dental Group!

The Vision

Our ultimate goal is to change the face of periodontal disease by providing a superior level of care with state of the art equipment, diagnostic tools and treatment modalities.  We approach periodontal disease in it’s earliest stages and give our patients the tools to maintain excellent oral health throughout their lifetime.


At age 14, your young adult will graduate to a more mature (but still fun) oral health appointment.  We still have the toy towers (or some other options for the discerning teen), the fun postcards and the fish tanks, and now they’ll see our Hygienists. Our Hygienists will evaluate the health of the gums and give them tips on how best to take care of their teeth and mouth.  After a refreshing cleaning, any hard deposits (tarter build up) on the teeth will be gently scaled to promote healing in the gums.  If left on the teeth these deposits can infect the tooth’s supporting bone, leading to periodontal disease.  We are in the business of early detection and often are able to halt this process in its initial stages with good home care and regular 3-6 month appointments (depending on need).

What to Expect

Instead of a 30 minute appointment, we will spend 40-60 minutes with your teen addressing any risk factors, cleaning the teeth and working on oral hygiene instruction.  

We will change the world by providing your teen with the tools they need for a better quality of life.

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