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What to expect at your child’s first appointment

What to bring and What to expect

  1. New Patient Paperwork: New Patient Form and Patient History Form or just call or email us and we’ll send you the forms in the mail!
  2. Your dental insurance card with group number and subscriber ID number.
  3. Anything that will make your visit more fun, comfortable and special! (A favorite pal, a book, a camera, or a snuggie! We love show and tell!)
  4. Your child (The patient) !
  5. What to expect: You and your child will be introduced to our office. We’ll give you the grand tour, we’ll play “show and tell” with our fun tools and you’ll meet our tooth team and our doctors!

Scroll down to your child’s age to see more details about your first visit

Under 2 years

Is your child under 2 years of age?  Are you ready to get started?  We are!  If you have no concerns regarding your child’s dental health we offer a free baby exam before the age of 2!

This visit is great for parents who are ready to introduce their children to us. Our doctors will do a comprehensive exam and answer any questions you may have! At the end of the appointment our Patient Care Coordinators will schedule your child’s next appointment in six months. At this appointment we’ll move forward with brushing techniques and work on getting our first cleaning! This first visit is a great time to ask all your “New Mom/Dad” questions! We love educating!

2-5 years

2-5 year olds get to have fun with Mrs. Brush and Mr. Thirsty!  We will have fun together cleaning, flossing and we’ll see if we can get that first fluoride treatment!  We might even take some great pictures (X-rays) of the top and bottom teeth and maybe in-between those molars on the right and left side!  Remember, we only move as fast as your child feels comfortable…if they’re not ready for fluoride or X-rays, we’ll just try at their next appointment!

6 –13 years

We’ll schedule for a full cleaning and fluoride treatment along with the exam from one of our doctors.  Around age 6, children develop their first set of “big kid molars” and their second set comes in around age12!  At these ages we like to take a large picture (Panoramic film) of your child’s entire mouth!  This film shows growth and development, checks for missing and extra teeth, TMJ and any masses (tumors, cysts and the like) that can grow in the oral areas.  We might also take some pictures of the right and left side of the mouth (Bitewing X-rays) to enlarge those little crevices between the teeth and help our docs see sneaky stuff their eyes can’t see.  We take these pictures routinely every year, as the American Dental Association recommends.  

14 years and up (Our oldest patient is 27 years old!  We don’t stop seeing your kids until they are ready to move on or they have dental treatment outside of our specialties as pediatric dentists)  Learn more about The Next Level

27 years and up (AKA our parents!) Learn more about Radiance Dental Group

Patient Paperwork

New Patients should read the New Patient Reading Material and then complete our New Patient forms (see the links on upper right hand side of this page).

If you have questions you can email us info@littlebritches.com or call 303.651.3733…we’re always here to help!


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